Re: Comparison of the K2 to the Ten Tec Orion in Europe RF environment


From: John Harper AE5X (
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 06:11:16 CST

Stuart Rohre ( wrote:
Folks, this is one of the best reviews and head to head tests I have seen.

The K2 comes off a lot better than another import ; although the far more
expensive Orion shines best of all. But, what a tribute to the designers of
the K2 that they can go head to head to a much more complicated/ expensive

Stuart, I get a totally different interpretation of how the K2 compares to the Orion. I know they are not in the same league, but to say they
go head-to-head is just not indicated antwhere in the write-up!

"Though both recivers are indeed excellent, on 40m at night, we had several occassions that it was possible to read a very weak CW signal
 "Q5" on the Orion whereas it was barely decipherable on the K2."

John Harper AE5X
80 Meter DXing & Outdoor QRP:

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