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From: Phillips Richard (
Date: Sun Jan 04 1998 - 10:40:33 EST

Wow, what a flood of memories that brought back. Many years ago (early
80's) I went on a fly-in fishing trip to Canda. That got me started in
QRP. I purchased a Heatkit HW-8, built a 40 M dipole and Curtis 8044
keyer and packed it all up with two lantern batteries in a small suitcase.
At that time you needed to get a Canadian license. All you had to do was
prove you had a US license. I just got on forty meters and asked the
first Canadian I came upon and got all the info I needed. This was the
beginning of a long radio friendship.
The bottom line was that I was able to make contact every evening with my
buddies back in Milwaukee, pounding out morse code while the mosquitoes
buzzed around my head with nothing more than a flash light to see what I
was doing. Ham radio could not be more fun than that! Let me know what
your schedule is, I'll be looking for you and remembering the good time I
had on that fly-in fishing trip. BTW we caught lots of fish. And if your
interested I'll tell you about the bear!

Richard Phillips
Lab Technician
Milwaukee School of Engineering

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, KB9RPD wrote:

> Also, does anyone know what the rules/laws are about FCC licensed amteurs
> transmitting from Canada? I will be travelling to Ontario in August on a
> fishing trip...out in the middle of nowhere....going to be nice. But, I'd
> like to try a few contacts. Do I have to get a reciprical license from
> Canada?
> Thanks
> Ted, KB9RPD

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