Re: SWR question


Date: Mon Dec 25 1995 - 21:47:35 EST

I must have been full of the ole yule cheer when I made the origional
 posting. I was talking about two different antenna's. I have a dipole cut
for 40 meters fed with 450 ohm commercial twin lead to an mfj tuner. On 40,
the antenna seems to work fine. I am sure the performance could be improved
on 80. My thought was to add wire to the ends of the dipole and let the wire
hang down through the trees. The antenna is up about 45 feet now so adding an
extra 34 feet per leg would not be a problem. However, will the added antenna
wire touching a few branches hurt the performance? Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the responses.

Happy New Year.
Peter N2KPY

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