Re: ?? on flying with qrp rigs and hotel antenna's


Date: Mon Dec 25 1995 - 09:24:10 EST

In a message dated 95-12-23 09:59:58 EST, you write:

> I don't want to be delayed by inquisitive security
>people at the terminal. I never check by baggage so anything I take, I carry
>on the plane. Should I expect any problems?
I used to take my 2 meter HT everytime I flew commercial.
I packed a NiCad charging transformer along in my briefcase.
I never had a problem. I went through security with a friend
who had a Kenwood R1000. He was asked to open the baggage
and when the guards saw the radio there were no problems.
If you pack a lot of wires and cables in your bag with the rig,
it sometimes appears to be a bomb. I always checked the
accessories and hand carried the baggage with the rigs in.

As for antennas, you may want to try a random wire with a
tuner and counterpoise for the bands of interest. Just string the
antenna out of a window or off the balcony into the shrubs or a
tree. If you use small wire, no one will see it after dusk. Just
simply tape it out of the way. The big thing is to get it out of the

72 de cameron, kt3a

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