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From: Dick G0BPS (
Date: Sun Dec 24 1995 - 06:00:59 EST

Hi gang,

The date of the mini convention at Rochdale UK has been changed
as Frank G3YCC tells us. The reason for this is simple...
One of the biggest UK Hamfests was always held on the last
weekend in October, they changed their date next year to the 19th.
So the mini convention has also been brought forward a week.

Accomodation is not prolific in this area and should be booked
in advance if you are planning to be there.

It is a small gathering, usually about 300ish in the church hall
of the Rev George Dobbs G3RJV. It is VERY exceptional in that
we have a great time and almost a party atmosphere. There are
a few QRP orienatated traders (like myself) but not many.

The UK is not large by US standards and you can drive from the
north of England to the south in one day faily easily. London
is abt 5 hours from Rochdale, Dover is 6.

If anyone wants more, specific information email me. I will
help if I can.

TTFN de Dick

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