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Date: Sun Dec 24 1995 - 15:07:47 EST

Hello -

My name is Frank, and my call is WB7O. Bill, KD7S recommended I subscribe to
QRP-L, and so here I am.

My QTH is in the Twin Falls, ID area, and I have been active in QRP since May
1987. I had completed assembly of my HW-9 kit then, and to this day it
remains my favorite rig, although I have modified it quite a bit. For 3
years, my trusty HW-9 was the only HF rig at WB7O. Other rigs include a
Ten-Tec OMNI V which can be throttled back to QRP, and a Radio Shack HTX-100.
 The latter two have been used on RS-12 QSOs; the HTX-100 for receive and the
OMNI V for transmit. Antennae include a Butternut HF6V, a Butternut HF5B 39
feet high atop a homebrew folding pipe mast, and a horizontal wire loop in
ceiling molding in my house. The loop has been used for SWLing and also for
transmitting during RS-12 operations.

Adrian Weiss's great book, the Joy of QRP, got me inspired to join the ranks
of QRPers, and to this day I continue to be amazed with what one can do with
power levels lower than that developed by a 2-cell flashlight.

I am a member of QRP-ARCI.

My E-Mail address is WB7O

Hope all on QRP-L have a very fine holiday season, great QRPing in 1996, and
I hope to meet you on the air..

73, Frank WB7O

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