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From: Phil Wheeler (
Date: Thu Nov 23 1995 - 12:32:52 EST

Tim, sent this first to your email address. Did not get delivered for
some reason, so here it is again on the list.

Phil (

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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 11:24:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Wheeler <>
To: Tim Stabler <>
Subject: Re: digest

My sympathies, Tim. I guess there is a lot of stuff hung across that DC
line, so you get to do a lot of unsoldering to check everything. I
suppose you've already looked for the loose bit of solder across a trace;
in fact, I think you covered that in an earlier msg. YOu may also want
to look at the top of the board to see if some component is bent so its
leads are hitting some grounded point -- a long shot, to be sure,
but..... .

I had a tough nut when I built my OHR-400. AGC didn't seem to work and
the receiver did not seem adequately sensitive; but all this was very
subjective. So I sent it to Dick to take a look at (especially since it
woas one of the first 10 or so). It turned out that I had missed
soldering ONE end of ONE diode in the TR swich area. The result was
significant loss of signal on receive (only). My guess is that I would
never found it on my own. From this experience, you may want to ask
another (local to you) ham to look at the board; he might see something
you miss due to looking at it for so long.

Good luck!

Phil (

On Wed, 22 Nov 1995, Tim Stabler wrote:

> Was there a digest for Wednesday?? I never got it.
> Again, thanks to those who sent me messages about my Explorer. I
> know the short is on the board. Dick felt it was between the 12 volt
> line and ground. I, after hours of looking at the board, can find no
> shorts (bridges) so am beginning to suspect the electrolytics. They
> all are in correctly. I have the stuff here in my office at school
> and am going home now. But on Friday, when you are all shopping, the
> wife will be on this computer typing a paper for nursing and I will
> be at my table looking at capacitors. I will get this thing done
> yet!!
> 72 de Tim WB9NLZ

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