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From: Richard Hieber (
Date: Thu Nov 23 1995 - 10:05:20 EST


a few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a NorCal40A plus KC-1
keyer-counter. I knew that, being in Germany, the financial transfer
could be difficult, but I sent the order form in anyway, giving my
credit card info and inquiring about other ways to arrange the payment
in case this doesn't work.

Bob from Wilderness wrote a kind letter back, saying that his business
at this point isn't set up yet to accept credit cards. He made a few
other suggestions though. I let this sit for a while. A few days ago I
received a postcard from him pointing me to the possibility of sending
American Express Traveller Checks via snail mail. I want to either do
that or even risk sending banknotes. But now I don't have any
information anymore about what the precise sum of money for a Norcal40A
plus KC-1 was, plus shipping to an address abroad. The price info was on
the order form that I had sent to Bob. Bummer! I seem to remember $190,
but I am not sure at all. Can anyone confirm this?

On a different rig, I'd like to know if anyone of you QRP+ owners out
there can tell me how the auto power off function of this rig is
supposed to work? I operated with a small battery and was wondering why
I didn't make any contacts. Finally I reached for the DMM and measured
the voltage of the battery when I was keying. Heck! - it was down to
eight or nine volts! Shouldn't the rig shut off completely when the
voltage drops below 11 volts?

I tested it with a variable voltage power supply and could drop the
voltage to about six volts (from memory) until random segments of the
display disappeared. Scary!

I don't mean to ring an alarm bell here - just want to know. If I apply
the right voltage, the rig works really well.


Richard Hieber, DL8MFQ/AA8CP

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