N7MFB's Internet Adr.


From: n7mfb@cosi.n7lol.ampr.org
Date: Thu Nov 23 1995 - 05:26:58 EST

Hello gang!
I have been privledged to read the mail here over the past 6 months
primarily because of Brian (KV9X)'s efforts as Sysop of the NW QRP
Club Web Page. Can you believe that every week (like clock-work),
Brian calls the NW QRP land-line BBS and uploads the complete QRP-L
message "database." I mean EVERY week (wow...).
Finally, I will have my own TCP/IP station set up this weekend (if
all goes well that is) - and I will then be able to not only read
the mail here but also be able to upload messages as well. To me,
that's like trading in my Pinto for a Mustang.
My new address, for those who wish to send messages to me will be:
Now I know that you most of you who are long time Internet experts,
this is no big deal...but to me, it's great!
CUL, and happy QRPing to all.
Bill - N7MFB

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