Re: Gap Vertical


From: Phil Wheeler (
Date: Sat Nov 18 1995 - 09:55:54 EST

I recently installed and used a GAP Titan DX here in California. On
bands where I could I compared it with a G5RV and a trap dipole.

On 75m the G5RV clearly outperformed the GAP. On 40m the three antennas
were about equal. On 20 meters the dipole was best, GAP second and G5RV
third. I did no comparisons on 15m nor 30m (G5RV did not load well on 30
in my setup ... length of coax or something).

These were not scentific tests, by any means. And, of course, location,
etc. will affect all antennas. BUT my results were remarkably in synch
with the test data reported in the Jan 1995 QST review of the GAP Challenger.
Note that a discussion just following the review questions some of the
theoretical basis of GAP-type antennas.

My purpose in buying the GAP was to provide a separate all-band antenna
system for my second station (a TS-50S/AT-50 in my living room, when not
used as my mobile station), for use during a period of recovery from
surgery. I particularly needed 75 meter capability for a net I work
there. The GAP did not do the job on 75, and has been replaced by a 75
meter dipole. I've also installed a remote coax switch so I can use my
antenna system in either location ... providing a total solution, without
using the GAP (which has been re-packaged and sold).

Overall, the GAP is a well-designed antenna (solid construction, easy to
assemble, low in space requirements, etc.). It required NO tuning to get
satisfactory SWR on all bands -- and readiIy met all specs. GAP
personnel were very helpful when I had some questions (manual is
confusing/misleading in some areas). I would guess that it will perform
 about as well as other all-band verticals. But these antennas are
compromises.....there is NO magic (e.g., a 25 ft vertical antenna is not
going to do as well as a well-loaded >100 ft wire on 75/80, all other
things being equal).

Phil (
     aka w6tuh

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