From: Paul Elliott (Paul@p-elliot.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sat Nov 04 1995 - 15:19:14 EST

Thanks all,
                for the replies to my request for info on QRPing the YEASU
                FT990. John Krzymuski <John@radvan.demon.co.uk> suggested
                modification by reducing the value of the resistor in series
                with the Power pot, and this certainly seems to do the trick.

                Several people suggested driving a voltage into the ALC socket.
                whilst this worked for a while on my rig the power level did
                drift quit a bit (down to 500mW from 5W). I was monitoring the
                ALC volts with a DVM and it appeared very stable thoughout. If
                this could be made to work it does have the advantage of not
                requiring any internal mods. I'm looking at generating the ALC
                from the output to see if this improves matters (it is what the
                input is for I suppose).

                Anyway thanks for all the replies (Sorry if I missed answering

Paul Elliott (G0TXL)

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