1996 ARRL Handbook


From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 20:34:53 EST


Well, I know it just came out and I've only had it two days
and I don't spend all my reading it although it may seem
that way.

1. Yep, looks like they are using an obsolete part or a hard
    to find critter for the noise bridge. If you can't get it
    from Mouser or DigiKey then it should be classified as
    difficult to find.

    So for a noise bridge, go back to the old circuit until
    a substitute that is cheap is found. Here people can do it
    and put in a newsletter or send it in to QST.

2. Someone on the group made comment that they made the Handbook
    with their keyer, i.e. Jade Keyer on page 22.18ff. Good deal
    and this is the circuit with the anti-burp circuit that anyone
    using the Curtis 8044ABM chip should use.

    Now I hope this same group did not do the insert on page 22.20.
    It is worded badly. How would you do the following? From page
    22.20 insert, "The standard, at least for right-handed people,
    is a left press generates dashes and a right press generates dots."

    Maybe better wording would be "a press to the left (using the
    index finger) generates dashes ...." would be better. The
    wording confused someone else that I talked to on the phone
    yesterday. Got my phone bill today, gotta get back on the
    air more. :-)

    The thumb does the dots and the index finger does the dashes.
    I prefer the terms dahs and dits as related to sound.

    Anyway, a point of confusion and I had to read it several times
    before I caught the true meaning, but for the beginner it could
    lead someone down the wrong road. The standard comes about from
    the carryover from the way a "bug" sends dits and dahs.

    I know that the art of CW is dying out or is trying to be forced
    out by other modes. But dammit, you can take my iambic paddle
    from my cold dead hand and not before. :-)

All this related to doing QRP CW and antenna tuners for same.

dit dit

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)  adams@sgi.com
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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