From: Simon Buxton (
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 19:54:34 EST

Just a couple of comments on Pete's posting on this subject.

Perhaps operators who "hold" a frequency all day should be limited say to
1/2 hour as the period they can do this without changing band or frequency.
This might allow weaker stations to get a chance to find a frequency
to call on.

Also for those like me who take part in contests to get signal reports,
should there be some sort of penalty for power operators who ask
you several times to REPEAT your call and report and THEN give you
a 59 or 599? In other words if their log is large and contains only 5 & 9
reports then this must be against the spirit of the contest.

Another problem locally is for ops to ask you "please standby to work xxx
who is also on frequency", but who has done nothing to initiate the
contact. In this case I just ignore this and only work the other station
if he intitates a call.

Regards - Simon

Simon Buxton VK2EII Sydney, Australia
E-mail : Compuserve :100352,1612
Packet : vk2eii@vk2op.syd.aus.oc

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