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From: Greg Weinfurtner (weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 12:59:03 EST

KL7, AL7, NL7 Folks,
        Hello! I'll be operating SS this weekend, mostly on 160. My rig is
an 160 meter homebrewed 100w SSB/CW transceiver. I have 49 states confirmed
with it on CW and am just missing the great state of Alaska! (OK, your
right... I'm kissing up...) Could you help me with some adivce?

        1. First of all, will anyone be trying 160m in the CW SS contest
this weekend?

        2. When do you have the best propagation to the Ohio area? From
local hams that have worked Alaska, it seems to be between 0600 UTC and
0900 UTC. Is this time window about right?

        3. How is the noise level on 160 on your end? Does low noise
levels correspond with the open propagation to this area?

        4. What is the typical power of your Ohio contacts? Is my 100
watts sufficient?

        5. Where on 160 is a good place to listen? Below 1.83 or in the DX

        Thanks to any and all that take time to respond to my inquiry.
E-mail me direct or to the list if you think others may be interested.

        (I've had a lot of fun making contacts with my homebrewed rig. In
the 5 years that I have used it, I've got about 46 confirmed on SSB, 49 on
CW. Hopefully, this will be the year that I fill out my "Dance Card" and
will have new endorsements on my WAS award!)

        CU in the SS contest...I hope...

73 from the banks of the lovely Hocking River and the Big School!

* NN N SSSSS 888888 OOOOO Greg Weinfurtner AEE BSS *
* N N N S 8 8 O O Electronic Design Splst *
* N N N SSSSS 888888 O O Ohio University Athens *
* N N N S 8 8 O O *
* N NN SSSSS 888888 OOOOO *
* Canst thou send lightnings *
* Amateur Radio NS8O that they may go and say *
* unto thee,'Here we are'? *
* weinfurtner@ouvaxa.cats.ohiou.edu Job 38:35 *

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