Crystal Radio's and QRP


From: Joseph Cooper (
Date: Sat Sep 30 1995 - 01:00:00 EDT

>With all of this talk about Crystal Radio sets, I have to make a plug for
>The Xtal Set Society
>P.O.Box 3026
>St.Louis, Mo
>You get a bi-monthy professionally produced newsletter for a membership fee
of $9.95 U.S. The people involved are a good mix of historial researchers
and experimenters. The articles range from the highly scientific (even using
computer programs to optimize coil designs)through to reviews of classical
articles found in old magazines and books.

They also just have fun with the basic mystery and romance of the unpowered
radio that we all knew as kids. My own first xtal radio (the one that got me
hooked on radio in general) was the classic 'rocket ship' design that was
tuned by a variable inductor attached to the 'nose cone'. I now understand
that they are worth about $300 mint with their original box.
>They also publish the Xtal Set Handbook at $9.95 which is a reprint of one
set of >their newsletters plus some extra material on the math involved in
designing good LC >curcuits. This stuff pulls no punches.
>Frankly I still get a kick out of building crystal sets, and when you start
looking at
>the design possibilities they stop being toys and become real radio equipment.
>There are a number of people who produce very nice crystal radio kits, and
there is
>one ham that I know, Leonard Gardner - W2QBC in Tonawanda NY, who produces
>wooden cabinent sets (send him a dollar for his catalog, you'll be impressed).
>Frankly I'll let you in on a secret. I am planning on building an xtal set
based receiver to go along with my one tube 50C5 QRP transmitter that I'm
working on now (a nice kit from Bob, N2EDF in Ogdenburg NJ that runs about
$40.00 U.S).
>So there you have it; retro technology at its finest. I'll keep you posted
on the results.
>And just so you all don't scratch your heads at my sanity, my other QRP rig
is an HW-7 that I bought new and put together as a kit when they first came
out, and got through to Los Angeles CA from here in Toronto on 40 meters
with one watt, when the sun spots were still cooperating. Its now lending
its parts to the restoration of another, more healthier HW-7 that just needs
some encouragement to be back on the air.


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