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Date: Wed Sep 20 1995 - 20:02:08 EDT

For those interested in dx updates, Mike Davidson, KC5CP, writes a DX
column for 10-10 News. Starting this month, he will post his column in
the archives of tenten-l (another list graciously served by lehigh.edu).
He has also posted a current DXCC countries list and will keep it
updated. It differs from other lists only in that he notes the presence
of a 10-10 member in each country. Otherwise, it is a perfectly general
and very seviceable list with Lat/Long, prefixes, and other data of
interest to DXers.

You can check the tenten-l archives with the INDEX command: use QRP-L
procedures, but put TENTEN-L in its place for each of the listserv
commands--see your QRP-L welcome message for more details. Of course,
subscribers are welcome to tenten-l, even if only temporary or sporadic.

QRP DXing can be fun, as recent messages on XR0Y attest.


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