QRP AFIELD - I can't wait for the next one!


From: Dennis Marandos (k1lgq@dennis.mv.com)
Date: Sun Sep 17 1995 - 20:18:00 EDT

             QRP AFIELD is now history and the pencils, logs and card tables are
put away and did I have a great time!


        As I approach this contest, excitement gets heavier as the bands starts to
pop in my ears and the signals waft through my head. The antennas set, the
coax is swinging in the breeze and the CW is pumping through my earphones.
The cold bottles of coke (tonic, here in New England) are just an arm's
reach away and the quick snacks are just behind me with the accent of
getting down to some very serious contesting.

        YES, QRP AFIELD is buzzing and I'm on top of things with my
watt-meter, antenna tuner and field-strength meter all lined up in front of
me, giving me spontaneous readings of how I'm going to "rack" a high score
because I know everything is going just right for me. The sun is beaming
down and the breeze is a zephyr flowing over my shoulders, with azure blue
linings tilted toward the sky line, dotted with glimpses of raw cotton
fixtures in the horizon. It's time to truly get-down to some very serious

        The bands are buzzing and the signals are fantastic and I can't
believe how strong everything is coming through my homebrew. This is the
test of all tests, the cream de la cream of what I have been waiting for
all spring and throughout the summer and now it's here and my keyer is
stationed in front of me, waiting for the spectacular moment when I'll send
that first dot, the first dash, when my rig will light up all my meters and
the RF will flow. Electrons will flow and the wires will get hot with
excitement. YES, it is time for some very serious contesting. QRP AFIELD
here I come...get ready.

        The logbook is ready, the coax is positioned, the signals are
booming and it's time for my first attack on a very serious contest. Yes,
here is the moment when I reach for my bug, keyer, hand key and find that
this is the moment of truth. The moment when boys turn men, the moment when
novice turns pro, the moment when ladies detect delectations upon you lips,
the sweat on your brow and then....

        As with all good moments, this one is no different than the others.
If ever there were to be a time for a presage, a moment for a homebrew to
burn out, to fizzle, to go 'puff,' this is not the moment! However, alas,
the transistor gods on MT Olympus have deemed it necessary to point their
finger in jest and have zapped my rig to dust! No signal will ever prevail
from the ashes of this phoenix for it has been destroyed. A quick hunt for
a spare 2N3553 and it's back to worshipping the contest of all contest.
YES, this is the time when men's souls are tested, their mettle is
challenged and a step-up to a very serious contest is initiated.

        It was fun and is now history but, boy do I have a lot to learn.
Wait till next year.

Dennis Marandos- K1LGQ
Editor - New England QRP Club newsletter
            The Greeks Have A saying For It.
"If you want to put out the fire, do not add oil."
Translated: Add not fuel to the flame.

                Dennis Marandos - K1LGQ
                 Nashua, New Hampshire

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