Help with connectors


From: Goran Hosinsky (
Date: Sun Sep 17 1995 - 13:02:04 EDT

Last time I was over to our neigbourhood island, Tenerife, where there
are some electronic shops I bought a bunch of PL-259 with adaptors for
RG58 (I thought). Tonight I was starting to solder them when I found
that they did not have adapters but were like the PL-259 for RG8, only
with a RG58 hole on them. So far so good, they screw nicely onto the
RG58, center braid comes out where it should
when I started to solder the braid I found that it was flopping around
inside the holes. The inside diameter of the connector where the braid
should be soldered is too big. It is even greater than the diameter
where the connector screws on the the RG58 including isolation.

There must be a way to mount them, otherwise they would not be fabricated
(I suppose). But how? And I did buy a bagfull to construct my central
switchboard for the shack.

Please tell me how!!

73 Goran ea8yu

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