wullenwebers, rays and all dat jazz


From: NYOUNG@nova.wright.edu
Date: Sun Sep 17 1995 - 01:39:51 EDT

First time I ever saw a Wullenweber antenna system was the first
time that the USNR sent me down to a satcom facility in Virginia.
There was a CT (gumshoe) group down there, the satcom fac and a
commfac for the USCG. Never met many coast guard dudes or dudettes.
Spent most of my time that two weeks catching and trying to overcome
strep. The rest of the time I played with a spectrum animalizer that
went up to 80-some odd GHz. That was fun.

And then there was that Wullenweber. It was a long drive from Navsta
Norva, but it was there. OUt in a field next to the satellite dishes.
Remember when them puppies were like huge, dude?

For many years I thought that it'd be fun to have a big W-array out
on a field in the middle of Florida or south Georgia. Stay out of cold
weather and play big time daddy-gunda radio with the sucker. But then
I decided that such a plot of land would be wasted on wire and little
boxes full of switching stuff. So now....

SO now I figure that, had I the money and space for such lunacy, I'
would rather have a cricket ground. That way on weekends I could
get out of the radio shack and out at the stumps for a while with
some friends. Or at least sit back and watch the local college club
take on some rivals. Like here at WSU, where the "old" students
arrange a 50 overs match against the "young" students. And them
old guys, some of them are serious pace bowlers. Too fast for me.

Besides, who needs a wullenweber anyway?


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