Re: qrp & tubes..glowbugs..sparks in keys??


From: Steven Wilson (
Date: Sat Sep 16 1995 - 09:59:58 EDT

I hope all of you that are considering putting a rig that glows in the
dark on the air read carefully LB comments.

I was there in the early 50's with the rigs that click and chirp and drifted.
I no longer care to hear a T7 or T8 note with chirps and drifting so fast I
need a extra hand to follow it up the band.

However, I do enjoy boatanchor equipment. A well tuned R-390A is better
receiver or at least as good as any multi thousand dollar rice box in use

We have learned a lot. A good CW tube rig is not a minimum parts count rig.
Today we know how to bias the final, we know about and how to QSK, we
know how to use voltage dividers on the oscillator screens to elminate
chirp, and grid-block keying works, etc... So in your rush to try out a
tube do a little research and put a clean signal on the band. At the
next hamfest pick up a old arrl handbook and/or bill orr's radio handbook
and read the technical section. If properly designed you will have a
rig you will be proud to have others hear on the band.

A single tube keyed oscillator is not the state of the tube art.

So have fun with Hollow State, I do, but remember you are known by your
signal. All tubes rigs are not equal and there is no reason for a T7C
signal report. In addition some of the commerical designs of the 50/60's
did not have clean signals. Today we know better.

So hope to see you on 7040 soon with my new (?) 6L6 rig I am building with
QSK and grid block keying.

de stan ak0b
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