Review of Three Popular QRP Kits


From: Steven Karty (
Date: Thu Sep 14 1995 - 16:56:19 EDT

     I just finished reading the "Review of Three Popular QRP Kits" on
     pages 40 and 41 of the July 1995 issue of the "QRP Quarterly." The
     author mentions that the audio output level from the "Explorer" (by
     Oak Hills Research) is inadequate to drive a speaker, but that the
     "NW80/20" (by Dan's Small Parts) will produce ear splitting speaker
     volume. Since I have an "Explorer," I would like to modify it to
     increase its audio output level.
     A schematic diagrams of the "NW80/20" is shown on pages 52 and 53 of
     the September 1994 issue of QRPp, the Journal of the Northern
     California (NorCal) QRP Club. Comparing that schematic diagram to the
     schematic diagram for the "Explorer" shows so many similarities that I
     don't understand why there is any difference in their audio output
     levels. Can anyone out there give me some hints?
     Steven Karty N4UHO

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