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From: N1OOQ Tom R. @ MRO1 11-Sep-1995 1003 (@)
Date: Mon Sep 11 1995 - 10:19:32 EDT

Hey, destroying perfectly good TV sets... one of my favorite pastimes!

Yah, you can probably assume that "brown dot, green dot, brown end" means
150 uH. I can actually measure these thingers on the fancy HP analyzers we
have here at work... I usually write the value on the part so I don't have
to remember these oddball color-code schemes. "Two dots with multiplier on
the end" is one sortof standard scheme.

Hmm... that reminds me, I'll have to look around for someone's old TV set on
the curb. Winter's coming, gotta have something to keep me busy. I haven't
needed to buy any resistors or caps since I started doing this! You still
need to buy toroid cores, air-variable caps, most chips, etc. BTW, a good
source of wire is junked RS232 type computer cables. Slit the jacket, pull
off the braid (nice thick stuff for grounding things), pull out the wires...
a 10 foot cable gets you 250 feet of wire!
If you like solid wire better than stranded, do the same thing to telephone

I have a Japanese transistor databook, now all I have to do is figure out
which TV set transistors are good for what use...

-Tom R. N1OOQ

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