Oct QRP Quarterly on track


From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@bbs.abs.net)
Date: Sat Sep 09 1995 - 12:20:53 EDT

Pardon me if this has already been posted; I get the daily digest only,
and am a couple days behind on reading it, so someone may have put this
info out already. KU7Y, new editor of the QRP Quarterly, just told us
(the staff) that the Oct issue is in the hands of the printer, the full
press run will be started on Monday, 11 Sept (September!) and goes to
the mailer on the 15th (of September!) so you can expect an on-time
October issue. And for those poor souls who don't get it, or may not
even know what it is--and there are lots in both categories here on
QRP-L--the QRP Quarterly is the journal of the QRP Amateur Radio Club
International, arguably the oldest QRP journal in existance.
(Technically speaking, it didn't turn into a "real" QRP club until
circa 1979, due to the efforts of then-President K8IF, Tom Davis, so
technically speaking the GQRP Clubs SPRAT is older, at least as a
"real" QRP journal. In fact, the Oct issue contains a reprint of a
W0RSP QRP column in CQ from years ago which explains exactly what K8IF
did to turn the QRP ARCI into a low-power QRP club.)
Anyone interested in info on the QRP ARCI and QRP Q can write to
WB8VGE, Mike Bryce, good in the callbook for many years. Include SASE
for info, or $2 for info plus a sample copy of the QRP Quarterly.
(Yes, it would be cheaper to send $2 every quarter for a sample issue,
and you'd pay $8 per year for it instead of the $12 for membership and
then $10 per year for renewal. Unfortunately, though, Mike is a smart
guy and doesn't fall for that trick :-) ) And if anyone would like a
copy of the e-mail info file I have on disk about joining the QRP ARCI,
let me know by e-mail and I'll zip a copy back to you. 73 and Queue

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @ abs.net
E-Mail: Mike.Czuhajewski@bbs.abs.net
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