Had me scared! and any Southampton hams?


From: Timothy J. Pettibone (tpettibo@NMSU.Edu)
Date: Thu Sep 07 1995 - 12:50:47 EDT

Hadn't been on the air for a few days. Got the Norcal 40A hooked up (I
had lent it to Paul NA5N). Tried for most of one night and half of
another and couldn't make contact. Then, bam!, had 6 contacts all over
the continental U.S. Brought my confidence back. Last night, at about
0500Z on 10108 worked a ZL with 2 watts. He had to work at it but got
everything. What fun! Everyone else was trying for the XR0 on 10114!

I'm going to be in Southampton, England and southern Ireland from the
13th to the 21st of this month. Hope my G license will be there for the
England part and am taking my 2 meter in case it is. Anybody on QRP-L
from Southampton area? Would like to meet up with a ham or two. Thanks.

Las Cruces, NM

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