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From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@cba.Kodak.COM)
Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 07:29:57 EDT

Hey guys/gals, can anybody help this guy out?

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>From 72700.2664@compuserve.com Tue Sep 5 23:13:12 1995
From: Don Hall <72700.2664@compuserve.com>
To: "Bradley Mitchell:" <bmitchel@kodaki.kodak.com>
Subject: Ten-Tec Accessories
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I apologize for coming in the middle of your discussion, but I noticed your
reply to someone looking for Ten-Tec accessories in the internet rec.radio.
swap postings. I missed the original post, and am replying via Compuserve as
my employer will let me read but not write to the net.
I am a new Tech+ ham, and recently purchased a Ten-Tec Argonaut radio to
help me work my way up to 13 wpm (I hope). Therefore, I am in the market for
Ten-Tec accessories.
I do not know if you have any information on availibility of accessories,
but I am looking for several-
1. I would really like to find a 206A Pulsed Crystal Calibrator, as my dial
string is shot, and when I replace it, I will have to recalibrate the radio.
2. It would be fun to find the 214/234 speech processor and microphone
3. Also the dual paddle keyer, #645
4. I am possibly interested in the 405 50 watt amp, and the Ten-Tec power
supply for this amp (251, I think)
If you know anyone who might have these items for sale, I would me
Thank you for your help-
Don Hall KE6JTB CIS 72700,2664 or hall7@llnl.gov

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