Sierra Band Modules CHEAP!


From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Sun Aug 27 1995 - 01:50:28 EDT

Guys, I hope that you have all of the band modules that you need for your
Sierras. We have only received 6 or 7 orders, and I am amazed. If you ever
think that you might want to put your Sierra on another band, you will need
a band module. We originally had these made because at that time we thought
we would do another run of Sierras which we will not do.

We have several Sierra band module boards that were left over from the run of
Sierras that NorCal did last fall. Each band module consists of the board,
cover, spacers, screws and wire. You would have to supply the parts, such as
trimmers, toroids and caps + crystals. The price for these is $3 each or 4
for $10 plus $1 shipping for each order in the US, and $3 for DX shipping.

If you ordered a Sierra and want to put it on more bands, here is your chance.
Send your orders to:
     Jim Cates, WA6GER
     3241 Eastwood Road
     Sacramento, CA

Payment is in US funds and if you send a check or money order, make it out
to Jim Cates, NOT NorCal!! When these are gone, they are gone. So be sure
to order if you are interested.
72, Doug, KI6DS

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