From: Byron8LCZ@aol.com
Date: Sat Aug 19 1995 - 17:29:53 EDT

Hi Paul,

my most interesting contact was on 17 meters in may of 93. the band sounded
dead, i called CQ, and heard nothing, so I continued to listen around and
heard, what sounded like a local, with a really strong signal. He signed his
call as A71CW. At first, i thought it might be a boot legged call, but i
called him and he came right back, gave me a 599. during the QSO i mentioned
i was running 5 watts to a vertical. we talked briefly and then he continued
calling CQ. No one elce, in the world, answer him. Quess i was in the right
place at the right time.

A71CW is in Qatar, bordering Saudia Arabia. the only QSO i've had with any of
the Arab countries, even though i've worked most of Europe.

And, right after a thunderstorm, i plugged the antenna back in, and heard
Austrialia and Easter Island, at least S5 or S6, both calling CQ (i think it
was 15m). They couldnt hear me, I even cranked the power up to 100 watts
(yes, i was desperate, i havent worked Austrialia in a long time). Must have
been a one-way path, ducting through the ionosphere.

Propagation and antennas are everything.

QRP - If it was anymore fun, it would be illegal !

72, Byron WA8LCZ Detroit

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