Digital QRP: great fun!


From: David Johnson (
Date: Sat Aug 19 1995 - 11:15:18 EDT

Hi gang. First, I want to offer belated thanks to the few
responders to my first post to the list, regarding
digital qrp. Jim VE3XJ, Brian KV9X, Bob KI0G, Bob VO1DRB
and other aliases, and Jay WB6AAM, thanks to you all for
the comments, suggestions and encouragement.

I am finally doing digital qrp! My 10-year old 8088
computer went ka-poooey, so scavenged the wife's 386
(hey, she said I could use it until we get another!)
and got the DSP-2232 to copy some rtty, packet, and pactor.
Next I tried to hook up the old trusty Kenwood TS-440SAT
via the AFSK ports, but no joy at all on transmit (I
really did follow the manual, I think ;-), so switched
to the TS-50. Wow, last night some rtty contest (SARTG?
what does that stand for?) was tearing up 40, so I hopped
right in (just do it! Bonzai!) and (after no luck and
realizing I had to tune the tuner like on any other rf
qso - duh!) finally worked 3 stations! Even some
DX: PJ2MI, Netherlands Antilles! Power on the medium
setting is 5w out (great mod, that tweak of pots inside
the rig!). So what a gas, qrp rtty in the contest!
   Then on to bed so I can be functional on Saturday, and
first thing to try this morning is to keep it on 40, and
use the signal identification mode to search around. That
is one feature I like, since it lets the computer tell
ME what type of signal it sees. I couldn't tell an rtty
from a pactor from a packet, a couple weeks ago! So
I hear some pactor signal, and connect with Frank in
NY! Wow, this is great! The copy is super, and I am
beginning to see how the error-correcting modes like
pactor are nicer to use.
   Well what a coup! I can't wait for more digital qrp
fun, and hope to contact you guys soon, on amtor,
packet, pactor, hey, what ya got? I'll never quit
having joy from qrp cw, and really prefer to use the
computer that sits above my shoulders for that, but
hey guys and gals, this digital stuff really is fun!

Have fun radiating!


David W. Johnson QRP ARCI 6546
Amateur Extra WA4NID. Low power enthusiast! G-QRP 4864
email: NorCal 355

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