Date: Fri Aug 18 1995 - 16:21:00 EDT

 Rh> Hi, it's me again, the fountain of questions.
 Rh> What type of antennas and tuners are you guys using for qrp?
 Rh> I am mainly looking for cheap ones that work,I see dipolewire antenna
 Rh> kits for around 40 dollars for 40m, tuners are around 80 or 90.
 Rh> Any suggestions?
 Rh> Rob

        Suggestion #1. Don't buy an antenna kit for $40! Home Depot
 is loaded down with #12 stranded/solid wire, although I use copper-
 weld on mine. Here's what I use for 160m through 30m. I have a 160m
 1/2 wave dipole with the apex up about 55 feet in a hemlock tree. One
 full 1/4 wavelength slopes off and it tied to the subdivision sign.
 Copper-weld is "almost" invisible ya know. The other leg sorta inverted
 vee's down at a right angle to the sloper and is tied to a persimmon tree
 at about 15 feet up. The other 1/8 wavlength snakes down through the
 woods parallel to the earth at the same 15 feet height. If you want some
 of this stealth wire, write to K4KUC in TN. He sells it cheap. I use homemade
 balanced couplers to couple the radio to the 450 ladder line and antenna.
 I rx'd a 20dB over S9 into Spain on 20m phone with this antenna running
100W. Talk about a superlobe!
  ----- Before I grew up. Sorry QRP'rs.

 Phil, KE4KRT

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