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From: Nick Franco (NICKF@rcadmin.nov.add.bnl.gov)
Date: Mon Aug 14 1995 - 14:20:13 EDT

Well I finally worked Chuck. Based on the mail today, I guess this
is not interesting to all, but ....

<SoapBox> Seeing as Chuck institued this 30 meter propagation study
with the stipulation that all contacts be on home brew rigs or kits
and that the results be posted here for review, I think it's fine
and encouraging to read through the mail on this topic. In fact, I
look forward to the reports. </SoapBox>

Anyway, I was browsing around on 30 the other night listening for the
weak signals among the strong. I always like to try to work the weak
ones. Then I heard a weak CQ coming through, hmmmm, I think it was
k5fo, yes that's it, k5fo -- K5FO That's Chuck. Wow, I've been
listening for Chuck on and off since this 30 meter thing started.
It's because of Chuck and this idea he dreamed up on the way home
from Dayton, that I purchased and built the SWL-30 in the first
place. This was my first full blown kit I ever built and I bit the
bullet and dove in with enthusiasm because of this 30 study and
indirectly because of this qrp-l group. Being a part of this group
has caused me to stretch myself where I never had the confidence to
try before..... To all of you on this listserv, TNX.

Back on track ---- So I answered K5FO and he replied. We made the
QSO. One SWL-30 at .95w to another SWL-30 about 1 watt also. We
had a nice chat til another station very close to us made it too
difficult to copy Chuck clearly. He was really in the mud to begin
with but that was half the pleasure. Thanks Chuck - the QSL is on
the way, mailed today.

For me, that makes 20 QSO's -- making up 12 states and 4 countries on the
SWL-30 since June 21 when I finished building it. Not great but each
Q a thrill on something I built myself.

vy 72,

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