Date: Mon Aug 14 1995 - 12:05:15 EDT

Hi Gang!

I'm back from a 9 day vacation to Quebec. Had a great time.
I did get to operate during the North American QSO party for
a few hours. I was on the beach overlooking the St Laurent
river, which is about 20 miles wide at that point.

I made 2 contacts,(the only people that could hear me),one
was a ve3, and the other was a n2 station. I was using an
outbacker antenna on a pedestal with 8 radials. The rig was
a Qrp+. The signal to Sault St. Marie was 579 during highs in
the qsb. I heard no north and south propagation.

The kite antenna proved to be more than I bargained for.
The wind was either too strong, or too weak. (The kite has
been baptized several times in the St.Laurent,and not on puropse).

Location and wind conditions must be right for this to work.
So I was limited to the Outbacker.

I did learn what did and didn't work,for Field Day type conditions, so
I'll be ready for Sept. 16,when the N.E. qrp club sponsors it's
qrp field day this year.

de AA1IK ( Lead by example, It is much easier )
                              ( to pull a string than it is to push it.)
Ernie Gregoire ( )
Canaan, NH. ( )


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