Need a cheap rig?


From: Frank, G3YCC (
Date: Sun Jul 23 1995 - 15:30:06 EDT

Now that heading got you interested, yeh? Well, here's how I got an all band
ssb/cw/fm transceiver for a song.
A local dealer rang me to say he had a faulty FT747GX. Apparently, it suffered
from a PA stage which took off. This, I hear is a common problem with this rig.
If you don't know the 747, the PA is in it's own diecast box, complete with
output filters etc. So, I could either loose the whole die cast box and replace
it with another amp., or leave the existing amp strip in situ, disable the final
amp and take the output from the driver. This latter I did and took RF via
a couple of turns from the driver stage's toroid and hey presto 3 to 5 watts
out on ALL BANDS. Neat eh?
So for a fraction of the second hand price I get an all band transceiver, which
runs ssb/cw/am/fm AND general purpose Rx.
No, I don't have any more of these rigs, but it's an example of what can be
Have fun and 72/73.

Frank G3YCC (G QRP 042)

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