Re: Wilderness Radio NC40a arriv


Date: Thu Jul 20 1995 - 11:50:33 EDT

Hi Charlie,

   Thanks for the note. The Wildernes folks only offer the NC-40A on 40 meters
as far as I know.

   The usual method is to build them and get them running on the band they
were designed for. After that the conversion and fun begins. The NorCal QRPp
quarterly newsletter has or will have conversion for most popular bands.

   So, If it's your first kit (the Radiokit QRP-20 doesn't count) I'd build
and enjoy it on 40M.

   I have a Radiokit QRP-20 about 90% complete in a box. I disliked the thing
so much that I went on to better things. Some winter night may bring some new
inspirtation to finish it. You'll have no problem with the NC-40A. They are
wonderfully designed, and the instructions are just that... not like the
"hints" that came with the original Radiokits.

   Keep me posted on the progress,

                                  73, Bruce Florip aa7ar/6
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Date: Wednesday, 19 July 1995 20:28 PT
To: Bruce.Florip
Subject: Re: Wilderness Radio NC40a arrives..

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> Anybody have any thoughts on the "current band of choice" ?
> I've heard of NorCals on 30, 40, and 80. Which gets the points for most fun?
Hi Bruce. Im considering a Norcal40A, but would rather have one on 30M.
Do they offer one that way? Im not as knowledgable as many, in fact this
will only be my second attempt at a kit radio. (1st one was a FLOP -
Radiokit QRP-20)


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