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From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 07:39:19 EDT

Chuck and QRP-L Gang,

I too am interested in getting my hands on Roy W6EMT's NW8020 HF single band
cw transceiver which was written up in a past issue of QRPp. It is probably
one of the "premium" NE602 designs based on Rick Littlefield K1BQT work
(MFJ). I want one because Roy's designed it for 5 watts output and QSK
keying - the kind of stuff that "wipes" the competition during QRP contests
- only kidding - IT'S only a hobby. Also the price was very reasonable -
$70 and it fits in a Radio Shack minicabinet.

Anyway I sympathize with Roy since he assisted Dan's Small Parts (no
commercial venture for Roy) to get the thing in kit form. Roy wrote a
unique construction manual for the unit in that you build and test in stages
- a great help for beginners and folks who wait to the end (moi) to start
figuring out that you have a problem and need to troubleshoot. Without Dan
around his nice design is fading into the woodwork. Also it is my
understanding that Dan has the latest pc board design and the boards that
Far Circuit has on this is an older version (I have not been able to verify
this with Fred at FAR or Roy)

Anyway - has anyone heard a peep from Dan - I have a WY address on his
envelope to me (he returned my check for a NW8020) but otherwise no written
word etc. I talked to Roy a while back and he has not heard a peep. Soooo
- maybe more news at 11.

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

>It's very early and I'm up, so got a spare minute here
>and wanna know. Does anyone have one of the above?
>Perferrably unbuilt and for sell. I'll take it.
>Second choice is to get board only.
>If none of the above, can I borrow one for a week?
>email me direct and let me know what you think of
>the above rig and any mods you'd like to see.
>I may have the capital (no doubt about it) to start
>up an operation, but gotta check with Roy and others.
>Someone send the last known address for Dan's Small
>Parts and as soon as I get a phone back in my office
>(it's been 10 days) I'll start the hunt and see what
>is happening. We gotta get Dan back as I think we
>still need small parts and a cheap source thereof.
>I'm sure others are trying the same thing, the more
>the merrier.
>dit dit
>Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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