Re: new group order for QRP+?


From: Dave Williamson aa4zx/8 (
Date: Mon Jul 03 1995 - 10:34:27 EDT

>>Just wondering if there are enough prospective QRP+ buyers out there to make
>>up another group order?? Can someone in the last group tell me how many it
>>took for the last group order, and was the price $510 instead of $595?
>>At that price, I'm pretty interested...
>>1/73rd de dave - aa4zx/8
>How are you doing on your group order? Are you putting this together?
>What is the best price you got? Thanks. Len Popyack WF2V

I'm posting this to the group, Len...

Right after I sent my inquiry message, I found that Stephen Lee,, is handling this group order. I'd be glad to do it,
I reckon, but looks like Steve got there first... ;-) Drop him a note and
he'll put you on the list. I quote his address from memory - I'm sure
somebody'll correct me if it's wrong.

The price will be $510 plus, I believe, $10 shipping, payable in advance.
If you use a credit card, you'll not be charged until the rig is shipped.

Index can't handle another group order until mid-late July, so it'll be a
few more weeks, at least. (it's July already????? man, time flies)

1/73rd de aa4zx/8 dave
near elkins wv

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