From: Aa4xx (
Date: Sun Jun 18 1995 - 21:39:25 EDT

Hi gang,
      I had an experience recently with a near lightning hit that sent my
FT-757GX's (built-in) keyer to never-never land. The interesting thing
is that the rig was disconnected from both the antenna and the power
supply--well, kinda......You see, I disconnected the PL-259 from the rig,
but that connector was laying within six inches of the rig when the storm
came up. The lightning strike made short work of the lightning protector
and continued on INTO my house--luckily knocking out only the keyer.
      From now own, all my antennas are staying disconnected and grounded
OUTSIDE my house unless I'm operating!
      The happy ending is that the 757 is now percolating happily along
with a Super CMOS II keyer which is built into my OHR QRP Classic. Now
if I could just get up the nerve to drill four memory pushbutton holes in
the top panel. Yep, it's going to happen... 72 es see y'all FD de Paul

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