Re: RUMOR on US Pilot Rescue


Date: Sun Jun 18 1995 - 10:15:33 EDT

On Thu, 8 Jun 1995 wrote:

> the actual rescue was being done with voice. I remember that the old WW2
> vintage 243 mhz. emergency rigs had a mic built-in. Maybe the new ones
> whoop, talk and chirp :-)
> Ed
It took a while to do the research, but during Viet Nam, the USAF pilots
used a RT-10 emergency radio that was part of their survival vest. this
was a low power UHF radio that was capable of transmitting an ELT or
voice. Since Charlie could use RDF gear well, most downed pilots did not
use the radio until the Jolly Green was in the vicinity.

Capt. O'grady had an upgraded version of this RG-10 (since the technology
is over 30 years old, i presume that the AF has upgraded the device) and
could, in fact, key CW using the mic PTT switch. These are AM not FM
radios (due to the capture effect, AM is used exclusively in the
aeronautical bands), so it would have been a simple matter to have the
responding rescue bird listen for CW using their UHF receiver.....not
sure whether or not the receiver has a BFO ;but you can still discerne CW
using the "thump-de-thump-thump thump-thump-de-thump" method.


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