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From: William R Colbert (af852@rgfn.epcc.Edu)
Date: Sun Jun 04 1995 - 14:24:34 EDT

After playing with the new rig for a couple of hours, I suggest that
those just receiving theirs, compare the serial number on the display
(when first turned on) with the number on the invoice/serial number
sticker on the bottom of the rig. There may be a disparity. Mine
shows a difference of 10, 0621 (display) vs 0631 (sticker/invoice).
Suggest a note be made on the warranty card. Also, review the
reviews done on the list in recent weeks concerning operation of
the rig, some of the procedures of changing bands, modes, cw speed
etc are not too clear in the book or are not listed. Otherwise,
a nice working rig. Works great with the Whiterook mini key and mini
paddle. Full portable station, with power supply and tuner about
10 pounds (in a camera bag). Enjoy! 72/73, Ray, W5XE/V31XE

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