MI QRP Club - Questions/problems


From: Hank Kohl (af514@detroit.freenet.org)
Date: Sat Jun 03 1995 - 19:51:05 EDT

If anyone has any questions and/or problems regarding MI QRP
Club - please e-mail me direct and I will confirm that I got
your e-mail and get back to you with an answer.

Any problems with The 5 Watter (T5W) subscriptions?
     We can't put them in an envelope or plastic bag, BUT if
     you get one that went through the USPO's "ripper, tearer,
     shredder, bender - we will replace it.

Any thing you would like to see MI QRP Club do?
     Won't say the Club will do it, but any and all ideas will
     be given serious consideration.

Want to write an article for T5W?
     Write, call or e-mail our editor Robin, NI9R, at either
     NI9R@aol.com or her MQRPeditor@aol.com You might even get
     your picture in the T5W!

The Board of Directors of MI QRP Club
     KD8FR@aol.com Lowell KD8FR President
     af514@detroit.freenet.org Hank K8DD Vice President
     BuckN8CQA@aol.com Buck N8CQA Secretary/contest
                                 Stan AC8W Treasurer
                                 Buck and I will relay anything for
                                 Stan until we can get him on here!

73 Hank K8DD KB8ZLO - Club Call for MI QRP Club Chapter II

/*     email     af514@detroit.freenet.org
/*     call      k8dd     hank    port huron, mi

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