hw9 experience needed


From: Rick Zabrodski (zabrodsk@med.ucalgary.ca)
Date: Sat Jun 03 1995 - 19:27:20 EDT

Its raining here today so the sailplane stays in the box.
No thunderstorms , just a low pressure system so I thought I might devote
some time to 30 meter propogation study. No sun spots, flux less than
75, A index 14, K index 2.....coronal hole is still having its effects
three days later. Not much to hear so I decide to finally play around
with my recently built HW9.

I note that the S meter is REALLY cheap....ie, S6 on my icom is S0 on the
HW9 but both just as loud and easy to copy. Is this normal for an HW 9 or
should I be changing the current limiting resistor R331?
(I double checked all the settings as per manual BTW)

Next question: I can get the 4 to 5 watts out but this requires the CW
to be set pinning the needle. That is, unlike the instructions, as I turn
up the cw level the needle does not stop moving on the scale. If I leave
it at a maximum of 40 as per manual I barely get 1 watt out.
Is this the same current limiting resistor that I need to look at or what?

Thanks for your help, If I keep this up I may learn a few things yet!

(In the meantime, will finish my foxx xtal rig....no s meter to worry
about ;-) )

Dr. Rick Zabrodski BSc, MD, CCFP(E) * VE6GK
Email: zabrodsk@med.ucalgary.ca * NorCal 519 ARCI 7650 GQRP 8329
Phone 403-271-5123 Fax 403-225-1276 * "Power is no substitute for skill"

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