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Date: Sat Jun 03 1995 - 14:51:30 EDT

Well, it took 15 years and one blow up to kill it, but I think
my TR7 just puked. I get output only on 160-40 and then very weak.
The ALC light doesn't light too fast on 40 and it doesn't even
get close on 20, 15 or 10. I checked the output of the upconvertor
board and it's reasonably level (without a real rf mv meter, it's
kinda hard to tell) and the output of the predriver is pretty level
across the bands. But the output of the amp board decreases as
frequency increases. So I figure it's got some really weird stuu
stuff going on at least in the input to the LPF on output. I'm
gonna check the bypass stuff on the power line of the pa board
next and then.... maybe I should have done this first, except that
it doesn't show up on other radios run of the supply: check the
PS boxfirst.... oh, well, I'll look at the bypasses and then give
myself a shock.

Damn nice thing I have the Argosy, ain't it? And the Howes 30m
radio and 40m radio. Hmm.... could this be a message from another
dimension. Or dementian? Hmmm.... maybe both. Those little fish
don't come out of the lights like they used to. Must be the
filter caps. They won't wear
the little caps any more. No, not the fish. Those little people
in Iowa who make the tortillas that you can't find in the store.
Your mother knows about 'em. They were there and now it's not soo
good any more. Yesterday the license plate on the car wanted a new
color of eye shadow.

Who needs a radio when I can hallucinate like that?


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