Date: Fri Jun 02 1995 - 23:16:01 EDT

Hello All,

I know we talked about this a couple of months ago, but I came up with a
new idea. (If it's not original let me know). I got this idea looking
at a roll of white plastic carpet tape (sticky 2 sides). I wrote before
about printing front panels from your computer on pressure sensitive
paper and sticking them on complete. Then covering them with clear
shelf plastic. Well this is on the same theme.

Most paint and CAD program will allow you to "mirror" the image. You
print your front panel out in reverse on a sheet of overhead film. This
can be purchased for laser, ink jet, and plotter printers. Stick a
layer of carpet tape on the front panel and then the printed film
printed side down. Presto, very durable plastic covered front panel
with captured printing!

Just think what you can do with a color ink jet printer. Now I need to
find a source of the tape wider then 2" for the big boxes.

73 de Claton Cadmus, KA0GKC
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