Re: Pixie 2 - "Build it" Rig from Dayton


From: Michael Marmor (
Date: Sun May 14 1995 - 18:26:16 EDT

> On the bench I did get my Pixie 2 to transmit into a dummy load and be
> picked up my my big rig and likewise I was able to receive a signal from my
> big rig on my Pixie - albeit with the built-in offset since the Pixie does
> not compensate for a 700 Hz shift or so - by the way I think THIS is the
> reason why maybe the guys at Dayton didn't hear their rigs working... just a
> guess on my part.

I didn't find all the chokes I needed for my Pixie 2 at Dayton. When I
built the rig in the contest me and my contest elmer/partner Bruce Lifter
tried to wind our own coils. The rig would TX but not RX like most of the
other rigs. Also there was a terrible audio oscillation in the receiver.
When I got home from Dayton I got the proper chokes for the rig. The
audio oscillation is still there, but when you hook it up to the
big antenna you can still hear some CW through the noise! So
the RX is working after all.

How do I go about fixing the audio oscillation? Where do I start?
Does anyone else have this probelm with their Pixie 2?

Mike Marmor, AA2UJ

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