Re: epipyhte amp T1 question


From: David D. Meacham (
Date: Fri May 26 1995 - 13:09:08 EDT

13.5V at the drain and 12V at the antenna jack sounds like about the
right ratio. Its not high attenuation in the filter, though. Its because
the drain has lots of harmonic voltage. The filter takes most of it out,
so the RF probe shows lower voltage at the antenna jack (mostly
fundamental frequency).

Sorry, but I'm not very familiar with the Epiphyte Amp, so can't help
with the winding problem at this time. If you don't get a good answer
from someone else, let me know and I'll look up the Amp article. I was in
the transformer business for 17 years so should be able to help.
72, Dave, W6EMD

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