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From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Sun May 07 1995 - 06:52:44 EDT

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>Jim and QRP-L Gang
>Believe it or not I've been saving a Sucrets cough drops box for years and
now I'll finally get the chance to use it - the Pixie 2 from the Great
Dayton Building Contest fits perfectly. For those of you interested and
were not able to get this nifty little board the original circuit was in
Sprat and the first issue of QRPp by RV3GM. The third issue of QRPp had a
folow-up design by Dave WA6BOY, NorCal QRP member and finally Dave did a new
board layout which will appear in the upcoming June 1995 QRPp. Far Circuits
has the board from what I understand. Three active parts LM386 and two
2N2222's - that's it. And tied to a colourburst xtal 3.579 you are on the
air and on one of the most popular 80 meter qrp frequencies - the New
England QRP Colourburst freq and for those code practice and bulletin
sessions you'll be able to pick up W1AW near by.
>HAve fun 73,72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB
>PS: Jim - did you use a moulded inductor in the tank circuit or did you
"cheat" and wind a toroid? ;-)
>>I just finished soldering up the Pixie 2 transceiver kit
>>exactly 1 week after participating in the "Great Dayton
>>Building Contest" sponsored by NorCal and K5FO.
>>What a fun HB contest, for me it lasted a whole week !
>>What a neat little rig !
>>It worked first time the battery was connected.
>>Of course, thanks for soldering help from Paulette, N9OUH
>>and parts procurement from Bob, VO1DRB, the race was finished.
>>And all the glory was not awarded to the swiftist. Remember the
>>Tortise and the Hare ? Turtle soup and Rabbit Stew tonight !
>>All that remains is to make a contact and presumably I will
>>be qualified for the last place prize.
>>After all, the rules did not specify which night the contest
>>Powered by a 9V battery, the rig puts out milliwatts on
>>3.579 Mhz. Presently 3 stations can be clearly heard.
>>W1AW at RST 589, and 2 other stations at about RST 569.
>>My protoplasm audio filter separates stations easily,
>>and the rig QSK operates flawlessly. Amazing for only
>>3 active components.
>>Congratulations Doug and Chuck, for an excellent idea !
>>Bob, Paulette.......A challenge.....Sked on the Colorburst
>> frequency 3.579 MHz ?
>>How about a sked with our new QRP-NE Colorburst Contest
>>Manager - Ted KF8EE ?
>>72 Jim W1FMR
>>"The more you participate in life, the more you get out of it."

        Bob Gobrick - VO1DRB/WA6ERB/VE2DRB - Newfoundland, Canada



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