Re: higher frequencies


From: John Foote (
Date: Wed Apr 26 1995 - 09:49:44 EDT

     I'll second that. I want to start working 6 meters. I have found
     that, short of spending kilobucks, the way ro do it is to homebuild or
     kitbuild transverters, which I have never done.
     How does one use a 6 meter transverter that covers only 1 or 2 MHz all
     over a 4 MHz wide band? That is, how do I use the same transverter to
     work SSB or CW low in the band sometimes but at other times use it to
     work FM simplex and repeaters farther up the band?
     How hard is it to adjust the coverage of a transverter on the fly? Is
     it even possible?
     And one more thing. I've never worked 6 meters. But since output is
     not a factor when it's open and skip is wild, doesn't that make it a
     good complement to working QRP on 40 meters or 30 meters?

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Subject: higher frequencies
Author: harry chase <> at hdnsmtp
Date: 4/24/95 1:44 PM

     Does anyone on this list build equipment and/or operate on the
VHF - UHF - microwave bands??? I know there are a *lot* of
home-brewers in the qrp crowd, so I would like to know if any of you
have designed/built anything on the higher bands. BTW, I also
subscribe to the VHF reflector (w6yx) but there does not seem to be
much emphasis on the homebrew aspects of the hobby there .

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