FS: NorCal 40a - unbuilt


From: Bruce Lifter (blifter@ccd.harris.com)
Date: Wed Apr 26 1995 - 09:44:17 EDT

My NorCal 40a has been sitting in the box, unbuilt for a couple of months now.
(I still have not finished all the band modules and keyer kit for my Sierra.)
I kind of feel guilty about having an unbuilt kit around for so long. I don't
think I'll have a chance to build it in the next few months. Therefore....

For Sale:

1 unbuilt NorCal 40a kit


I hope to make the exchange in Dayton. I will be at the QRP banquet. I will
also try to be at the QRP hospitality suite on Friday night.

If I can't make arrangements to sell it at Dayton, I will consider shipping
it after I get back.

I am leaving for Dayton early Friday so email or call me direct.

Bruce, AD4TG

Bruce Lifter                                           phone: (407) 242-4358 
Harris Corporation                                                MS: R5-202 
Controls Division                              email: blifter@ccd.harris.com

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