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From: Rick Zabrodski (
Date: Sat Apr 15 1995 - 11:06:46 EDT

On Fri, 14 Apr 1995 wrote:

> My two cents:
> I ordered an Antennas West 40M loop antenna the other day, and they
> suggest just laying it ON the roof. Comes with matching balun, and
> their nice, superflex wire. I'll give the list a report when its
> installed and tested. My height will be about 15 ft.

Fortunately, I now have the luxury of no antenna restrictions. This was
one of the reasons I moved in 1990. I do have a lot of experience with
attic and "hidden antennas" between 1983 and 89. I can emphatically AGREE
that the
loop will work better on the roof rather that in the attic. It will work
even better if you put it 6 or 18 inches above the shingles. with small
guage wire (We are talking qrp and low power, right?) it will be invisible.
I found similiar improvements with random length dipoles fed with ladder
Other plus....less tvi, bci, etc

> Here is a reference on loops: HF Antenna Collection, by RSGB, Erwin
> David,
> G4LQI editor. From Radcom, May 74, by L.V. Mayhead, G3AQC, Loop
> Antennas close
Excellent reference!

Rick Ve6gk

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