From: David Feldman (
Date: Sat Apr 15 1995 - 10:33:51 EDT

>On Fri, 14 Apr 1995, John Foote wrote:
>> Then two pages later there it is. Alinco's own FT-900 killer. I

>Hmmm... strong words, my thought was, "Damn! It's an Alinco!" I was

Damn! I just bought a FT900 (2 weeks ago...)

>hoping to see an Icom micro-sized HF rig.

You won't be disappointed. I just received the Japanese mag "CQ HAM RADIO"
yesterday and there in the new products area is the IC-706. It is about
the size of the TS50, has removable front panel, covers HF (100W), 6M
(50W) _and_ 2M (10W), AM FM SSB CW. It appears that it will control an
external auto-tuner. Price in Yen was about 140K (?), so it may be under
$2K here. It might be unveiled in Dayton. The same mag showed a few versions
of an ALINCO rig (DX-70H) but that rig was only 10W on 6 and had nothing for

The IC-706 has a LCD front panel with three "soft key" switches that are
configured with a fourth "MENU" button. I'm sure it will work fine, but
it does significantly reduce the front panel button count.

>Sorry, I still think of
>Alinco as an off-brand and my better judgement knows better, they've
>been around for a few years now.
>favor and cal Ten Tec and get their GREAT 20M<==>6M transverter kit! Best
>$100 you'll ever spend on hamming!

This is _VERY_ good advice. The Ten-Tec 6M kit is definately the trick
for 6M! Now if they'd just come out with one for 2M. and 432. and 1296...

73 Dave WB0GAZ

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