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From: Byron8LCZ@aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 04 1995 - 11:56:18 EDT

I had trouble working the 1 watt or less group this time. Some were so weak,
that I asked for repeats and others were not even strong enough to make it
into my receiver, even though they had good locations and antennas.
Propagation conditions are only going to get worst as summer approaches.
Perhaps a contest where we CAN vary the power depending on conditions at that
minute and depending on the band we're on and how well, we're receiving the
other guy. You could call someone at 1 watt, if he doesnt answer, kick it up
to 5 watts. You get more points for the 1 watt contact if you can make it.
this would satisfy everyones lust for milliwatting and still allow everyone
to make a bunch of contacts. perhaps in the exchange, you could say "559 MI

I think we're losing too many contesters because of the multiplier system. We
need to get more people involved in QRP contesting each contest and not
penalize anyone for running 5 watts or commercial gear. I'm sure many ops
dont enter the contests because they know there wont be much activity and
they dont want to commit an entire saturday for a dozen contacts. Its
certainly a big consideration. With thousands of QRP members and almost a
dozen QRP clubs, there should be more QRP contesters. Why arent they getting
into contesting? Its alot of fun.

Maybe we could group the homebrewers together and offer certificates just for
that group. Have them compete against other homebrewers.

Working the most number of contacts should be the most important thing to
stress in a QRP contest, the power level should be secondary. Most of the 1
watters worked 10 or fewer contacts. thats not many for 8 hours of effort. At
this point in the solar cycle, milliwatting is not very reliable for a
contesting enviorment.
Super low power milliwatting is fine for setting records but not reliable for
regular contacts over a long period of time. Lets redirect our efforts into
building up a larger group of contesters, and providing a place to test out ne
w homebrew gear, antennas and current solar conditions. it will be more fun
for everyone. remember the fall ARCI contests ? Talk about activity...

My approach to QRP is to get the best antenna, use the lowest loss coax and
follow the propagation. As the sun rises, go to a higher frequency, as it
sets, go lower. Follow the MUF (maximum usuable frequency) Listen for those
short band openings and work as many QRP'ers as i can. QRP contesting is so
much more fun and challenging than blood and guts DX contests. I cant figure
out why more aren't involved with it.

With conditions getting worst, going into the summer, we need to encourage
more contesters to get active, make the rules easier, dont penalize anyone
and offer certificates for the top scores in both commercial and homebrew

What do you think ?

72, Byron WA8LCZ Detroit

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